SPECIAL NOTE: Family-submitted obituary:
For our office records we require the following funeral home information:
Name, address, phone number and contact person(s) handling the arrangements.

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Guide to Writing Obituaries

An obituary will stand as perhaps the only narrative record of an individual's life, and will be referenced by generations to come. Let us help you along the way by following a few helpful tips from this guide.

Remember, these are only guides and this is your loved ones' life story. Please feel free to compose their obituary. (Our professionals will edit only to meet publishing standards.)


Deceased full name



Deceased full name;
Age (if desired)
City/county of residence. List state only if out of Virginia.
Date and place of death (i.e., hospital or nursing home name or "at home")



Life story such as hobbies and/or interests; education/degrees, awards and recognitions.

List full names of key relatives, both living and predeceased.

*(Note: provide sibling and their spouse's name and residing city/county), if desired.)


Family viewing night and funeral service time, date and location

Donation information is important

Funeral home handling arrangement and online guest book information